• We welcome Dr. Minli Xing to BioNMR core facility. Minli is a protein NMR spectroscopist, her research interests include studying protein structure and function using NMR spectroscopy. Prior to joining the University of Michigan, Minli was the lab manager of the Biomolecular NMR Lab at the University of Kansas, where she operated and maintained a 600 MHz and an 800 MHz NMR spectrometer. During her work at the University of Kansas, she has developed extensive experience in protein structure determination, protein-protein and protein-ligand interaction, and STD-NMR fragment screening.
Minli Xing, Ph. D.
Senior Lab Specialist
BioNMR Core Facility
University of Michigan
Life Sciences Institute #3214
210 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor MI 48109
  • NMR 600 (LSI) will be upgraded to Prodigy cryo-probe with NEO console in the coming year, stay tuned for updates.

Gateway NMR Meeting

This year University of Michigan will be hosting the Gateway NMR Meeting (details: on Sep 21-22, 2019. Please try to attend this meeting to meet and learn about the exciting NMR research in the area.

NMR Seminars

Advanced Capabilities of NEO console on 800 Mhz NMR instrument

The NEO console has the capability of acquiring nested NMR experiments (combining up to five conventional NMR pulse sequences into one supersequence). We have working versions of all sequences mentioned in the latest paper Kupče Ē, Claridge TDW. New NOAH modules for structure elucidation at natural isotopic abundance (2019) J Magn Reson. 307 106568. (

NMR Technique Highlight: Accelerating 2D NMR relaxation dispersion experiments using iterated maps

Conventionally relaxation dispersion data would require collection of data using the full Nyquist grid. The authors had previously developed Fourier-based reconstruction method using iterated maps according to the Difference Map algorithm of Veit Elser (DiffMap), which has been further developed to exploit the strong correlations between 2D data slices in a pseudo-3D experiment. Details of the paper can be found in the link below:

Rovny, J., Blum, R.L., Loria, J.P., Barrett S,E. Accelerating 2D NMR relaxation dispersion experiments using iterated maps (2019) J Biomol NMR.

BioNMR core acknowledgement in scientific publications

A reminder to all users of BioNMR core facility users, please acknowledge the BioNMR core facility for all publications that use data collected in our facility.

Research reported in this publication was supported by the University of Michigan BioNMR Core Facility (U-M BioNMR). U-M BioNMR Core is grateful for support from U-M including the College of Literature, Sciences and Arts, Life Sciences Institute, College of Pharmacy and the Medical School along with the U-M Biosciences Initiative.

This helps us to keep track of our facility usage that leads to publications and justification for securing future funding for instrument upgrades.  

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