BioNMR Core Workshop

Variable Temperature NMR
Tips and Tricks of collecting good NMR data
Protein Backbone Assignments
using CCPNMR AnalysisAssign
NMR data collection and chemical shift assignments for uniformly labeled well folded proteins (using Sparky)
Collecting and analyzing protein backbone dynamics using T1/T2/NOE NMR based relaxation techniques
1D and 2D NMR methods
for small molecules


Accessing the Bruker 800 MHz (1047 Chem) using U-M VPN & VNCDownload
Accessing the Bruker 600MHz (1047Chem) using U-M VPN & VNCDownload
Accessing the Bruker 600 MHz (2060 Chem) using U-M VPN & VNCDownload

Mary Sue Coleman Hall – Companion Documents

MSCH 600MHz NMR Basic OperationDownload
MSCH 400 and 600 iLab reservation instructionDownload
Variable temperature NMRDownload
Selective 1D experiments with IconNMRDownload
Accessing the Bruker 600 MHz (3214 Mary Sue Coleman Hall) using U-M VPN & VNCDownload

Bruker Related Files

NMR 800 Log in instructionsDownload
Bruker Simple Experimental RunDownload
Bruker IconNMR ManualDownload
Obtaining Topspin SoftwareDownload
Obtaining MNova SoftwareDownload

Agilent/Varian Related Files

NMR Training Guide – by Eugenio AlvaradoDownload
Obtaining MNova SoftwareVisit Link

University of Michigan Chemistry NMR Documentation