Services Offered

  • Hands on Training
  • One on One Project Consultation
  • Custom NMR experiments
  • Automation
  • Data Processing
  • Sample Prep Consultation
  • Data Analysis

Rates (effective since Jan 16 2024)

InstrumentU-M Rate
External Academic Rate
Corporate Rate
Varian 400 MHz w/inverse probe (3214 Mary Sue Coleman Hall)$6.40$21.93$43.86
Bruker 600 MHz w/Prodigy broadband probe (3214 Mary Sue Coleman Hall)$7.95$27.25$54.50
Varian 600 MHz w/cryoprobe (1047 Chem)$7.95$27.25$54.50
Bruker 600 MHz w/cryoprobe (2060 Chem)– not operational$3.60$5.40$15.75
Bruker 800 MHz w/cryoprobe (1047 Chem)$9.30$31.85$63.70
NMR Core Labor/
$69.0 $0.00$103.00$207.00
New User Setup Fee (charged initially when account is created)waived$50$50
* User Training is a part of consultation and required for all users to be able to operate instruments independently.
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