Bruker 600 MHz w/Prodigy broadband probe

Location: 3214 Mary Sue Coleman Hall

Update: The University of Michigan‘s Biosciences Initiative has funded the upgrade of 600 MHz instrument via the Biosciences Research Initiative Program awarded to Natural Products Discovery Core read more: here. This will be updated to the latest nitrogen cooled Prodigy CryoProbe with NEO console offered by Bruker Biospin. The instrument upgrade is complete and open for users starting July 15th 2020.

The Bruker 600 MHz NMR is one of the state-of-the-art instruments, used for the structural analysis of small molecule compounds. They are “walk-up” instruments for UM researchers. We offer open-use and full-service data acquisition and structure analysis. The users of these instruments are mainly composed of organic chemists who check the synthetic structures of starting material, intermediate compounds, and final products; and natural product chemists who characterize/identify unknown structures of purified samples from various biological matrices.

This 600 MHz NMR spectrometer has a Magnex 600/54 active shielded premium magnet and a Bruker NEO600 NMR System console. The instrument is now equipped with a 24 sample SampleCase with ICON-NMR automation. The heart of the instrument is the liquid N2 chilled Bruker Prodigy (1H/19F)-X broadband probe with Automated Tuning/Matching (ATMA) unit that provide excellent signal-to-noise sensitivity for various nuclei.

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