BioNMR core receives Biosciences Initiative Award to upgrade 600 MHz spectrometer housed in 1047 Chemistry

The University of Michigan‘s Biosciences Initiative has funded the upgrade of this instrument via the Biosciences Core Lab Funding Program read more: here. This will be updated to the latest helium cooled TCI CryoProbe with NEO console offered by Bruker Biospin

The BioNMR core assumed operations of three older NMR instruments, including a Varian 600 MHz instrument. As Varian is no longer in business, parts are more and more difficult to find and the instrument and software are no longer supported.  In order to overcome this, our proposal to Biosciences Core Lab Funding program was to reuse the newer Varian magnet at the core of this instrument and replace the console, probe, and control units to transition this to a Bruker instrument, currently the only other practical supplier of such instruments. This would ensure long-term instrument availability for the U-M research community while being a good steward of prior investment.

BioNMR core facility has been selected as one of the awardees of the Biosciences Core Lab Funding program and has been granted funds to update/upgrade the Agilent/Varian 600 MHz spectrometer with cryo-probe located in 1047 chemistry to the latest Helium cooled TCI CryoProbe, along with NEO console by Bruker. The accompanying software with this console will be Topspin 4, which can take advantage of the latest capabilities of the NEO console. In order to handle multiple samples along with automation in ICON interface, we will be equipping this instrument with Bruker’s SampleJet sample handling system. This upgrade is in the works and we will post updates as we get delivery updates from Bruker.

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