BioNMR core’s 600 MHz spectrometer housed in 3214 LSI building is getting an upgrade in the coming months

The University of Michigan‘s Biosciences Initiative has funded the upgrade of 600 MHz instrument via the Biosciences Research Initiative Program awarded to Natural Products Discovery Core read more: here. This will be updated to the latest nitrogen cooled Prodigy CryoProbe with NEO console offered by Bruker Biospin

In 2018, Drs. David H. Sherman and Ashootosh Tripathi (part of Natural Products Discovery Core) received funding from the Biosciences Research Initiative Program to upgrade the room temperature broadband probe connected to 600 MHz NMR spectrometer to Bruker’s latest nitrogen cooled Prodigy CryoProbe with NEO console and 24 SampleCase sample handling system.

The Prodigy CryoProbe will be ideal for routine small molecule NMR experiments, with broadband technology that covers large number of nuclei and 2-3x boost to signal as compared to room temperature probes. The ICON automation interface allows users to setup multiple experiments across many samples, and current users will be retrained to use this interface in order to use this spectrometer. This upgrade is in the works and delivery of the components from Bruker are scheduled for March/April 2020. During the upgrade users will be redirected to use the BioNMR core instruments in chemistry building.

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